Mr. Price settled my Federal income tax debt of $355K for $19K.  
ER, tax resolution, planning, and preparation client.
I owed $28,162 in income taxes to the IRS, Steven Price, CPA, successfully offered $5,920
Nicole, taxpayer client

Steven Price, CPA, amended my prior year income tax return reducing a $28,951 liability to a refund of $417.
TY, taxpayer client

I hadn't filed tax returns in several years.  I engaged Steven Price, CPA, who filed all of my back tax returns within the deadline imposed by the IRS and negotiated a payment plan with the State.
Tina, taxpayer client

Steven Price, CPA, settled my income tax debt of $16,740 with the IRS for $2,971.
Mike, taxpayer client 

Mr. Price, was able to reduce our prior year income tax liability during an IRS audit by nearly $35K.
LC, taxpayer client

The Church which hadn't filed its payroll tax returns for several periods to both the Federal and State, and which was not current in its payroll tax payments and deposits, engaged Steven Price, CPA, who successfully negotiated after filing all of the un-filed tax returns, a penalty reduction and  payment arrangements with both the Fed and State.
Esther, Assistant Pastor, Tax Exempt Organization client

References provided upon request.

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